Shima Esfandiari

Shima Esfandiari

1977 – Tehran – Iran
2001 Graduate from Art and Architecture University – Tehran – Iran



Member of the Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts

Official Member of Iranian Painters Society


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Inja Gallery-After the Dark -Tehran-Iran(Painting-Drawing)

2012 Mah Art Gallery-Bodies-Tehran-Iran (Installation)

2011 Mah Art Gallery-Obscurity-Tehran-Iran (Painting-Drawing)

2011 Vernissage Gallery-Strings-Tbilisi- Georgia (Painting-Drawing)

2010 Mah Art Gallery-Duality-Tehran-Iran (Painting-Sculpture-Installation)

2009 Mah Art Gallery-Simple Technique of My Life-Tehran-Iran (Painting-Drawing)

2008 Aria Gallery-Colors of Gray-Tehran-Iran (Painting-Drawing)
2007 Aria Gallery- Silence, Rhythm and Life-Tehran-Iran (Drawing)


Group Exhibitions

2022 Haft Samar-Tehran-Iran

2015 Igreg Art Studio-The World Viewed 2-Tehran-Iran

2015 Summerhall-Perception-Edinburgh-UK

2015 Fondazione Giorgio Cini-Map of New Art-Venice-Italy

2015 ATO International Convention and Exhibition Center, Congresium-Ankara-Turkey

2015 Igreg Art Studio-The World Viewed 1-Tehran-Iran

2014 Niyavaran Cultural Center-The United Nation World Food Program- Tehran-Iran

2014 Mah Art Gallery – Group Exhibition with 54 Artists –Tehran – Iran

2013 Opera Gallery-Peace from the Bottom of My Art- London-UK

2013 Opera Gallery-Art of Iran- Dubai-UAE

2013 Haleh Gallery-Red-Iranian and German Artists-Berg-Germany

2013 Emirate Financial Towers, DIFC-MOPCAP Shortlisted Artists Exhibition- Dubai-UAE

2013 Austria Cultural Forum (OKFT)-International Women’s Day-Tehran-Iran

2013 Mah Art Gallery-Group Exhibition with 60 Artists –Tehran – Iran

2013 Iranian Artists’ Forum-The Second Annual of Painting and Sculpture-Tehran-Iran

2012 Art People Gallery-Contemporary Artists of Iran-Sanfrancisco-USA

2012 Niyavaran Cultural Center-Haft Negah-Tehran-Iran

2011 Mathaf Museum-Doha-Qatar

2011 Traffic Gallery-MOPCAP Shortlisted Artist Exhibition- Dubai – UAE

2011 Shirin Art Gallery-Sculpture Expo-Tehran-Iran

2011 FA Gallery –Body Language in the Eyes of Iranian Artists –Kuwait City-Kuwait

2011 FA Gallery – Reuse – Kuwait City – Kuwait

2011 Etemad Gallery-13×18-Tehran-Iran

2011 Art Center Gallery-Human Puls-Tehran-Iran

2010 Elaheh Gallery-Tehran-Iran

2010 Iranian Artists’ Forum –Haft Negah –Tehran – Iran                                    

2010 Silk Road Gallery & Mohsen Gallery – Self Portrait 2–Tehran – Iran

2010 Mah Art Gallery – Group Exhibition with 39 Artists –Tehran – Iran

2009 Dar Al Fonoon Gallery-Kuwait City-Kuwait

2009 Pardis Mellat Gallery-Haft Negah-Tehran – Iran

2007 Saba Cultural Center – The 7th Painting Biennial – Tehran – Iran

2007 Niyavaran Cultural Center-Haft Negah – Tehran – Iran

2007 Aria Gallery – Contemporary Drawings of Iran- Tehran – Iran

2007 The Imam Ali Museum- Dr.Sondoozi Contemporary Drawing Exhibition -Tehran-Iran

2006 Vasby Konsthall – Tehran Today- Contemporary Women Artists From Iran- Stockholm – Sweden

2004 Ebnesina Cultural Center-Tehran-Iran

2003 Bahman Caltural Center – Group Painting & Drawing Exhibition – Tehran – Iran

2003 Robat Gallery

2002 Laleh Gallery

2002 Haft Samar Gallery-Tehran – Iran

2002 Afrand Gallery-Tehran-Iran

2001 Aria Gallery-Tehran-Iran

2000 Haft Samar

1998 Afrand Gallery

1998 Aftab Gallery

1997 Aria Gallery

1995 Shafagh Caltural Center



2003 Barg Gallery-Contemporary Drawing Biennial-Tehran-Iran

2001 Barg Gallery-Contemporary Drawing Biennial-Tehran-Iran

2001 The Second Tehran Contemporary Drawing Biennial –The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts –Tehran–Iran

1999 The First Tehran International Biennial of Contemporary Drawing-The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts –Tehran – Iran



2015 Edinburgh Festival Award 2015-Edinburgh-UK

2007 The Future Inscription Line- Dr. Sondoozi Contemporary Drawing Festival- The Imam Ali Museum-Tehran-Iran


Art Fairs

2015 Art Ankara – Ankara-Turkey

2011 Art Dubai – Dubai – UAE



2013 Magic Of Persia Contemporary Art Prize 2013-Dubai-UAE

2011 Magic Of Persia Contemporary Art Prize 2011-Dubai-UAE

2007 The First Prize Winner of Dr.Sondoozi Contemporary Drawing Festival-Imam Ali Museum-Tehran-Iran



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